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The information sent by you may help others somewhere else.

Don’ you want to give it a try on sending data by the smart-phone you carry everyday?
The data might lead to new discoveries and inventions through EverySense.

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To send data
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Select your device

Download the application First, download the application and become an information collector of EverySense.
Various information of your life will be sent to EverySense server via the sensors. It is safe because only the information under the conditions that you set yourself will be shown to others. The data will be anonymized through EverySense and then provided to information collectors.
Confirm the transmitted information The day-to-day transmitted information can be found in the form of a graph from the smart-phone application. In addition, you can also check how many points can be acquired.
Earn points You can earn points if the conditions of the data’s quantity and quality are achieved.
EverySense compatible device
Register an EverySense accoun First, get an account of EverySense from this website.
Set up your device Once the device configuration of wifi connection and data transmission is done, then you are able to accept preferred orders from either your smart-phone or your computer.
Confirm the transmitted information Confirm the transmitted information
Earn points You can earn points if the conditions of the data’s quantity and quality are achieved.
About EveryStamp
EverySense, as a reference product for extending the service platform business provided our own, has developed EveryStamp as a sensor node of versatile module configuration at a low price. Everysamp has achieved in optimizations of communicating processing sensing and power hierarchization.
Temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, as well as illumination, GPS, gyro, direction, acceleration, voice, pyroelectric, ultraviolet rays, dust, gas and various sensors such as contact input, display output, waterproof, solar power generation, multi-hop communication functions will be provided as an option. The presence or absence of communication infrastructure and power can be combined by the communication system according to the topology (Wifi, LTE, Ether, BLE, ZigBee, etc.).

EverySense service image

Confirm the published conditions and participate.
Point is obtained when it reaches to certain criteria.
The earned point can be exchanged to PointExchange.


EverySense Policy

Anonymity、Personal Information Protection
The publication of the provided data along with the provider’s personal information should be deliberated and decided by the data provider.

Data Ownership
Data ownership is on the precondition of that the data belongs to the provider. Therefore, scope and conditions of usage accuracy and frequency of the provided data should be controlled and configured freely by the data provider.

Value of Data
For making data exchange in a fair way, the value and price of the data should be decided between providers and buyers.

EverySense Declaration

EverySense is devoted to data streaming.
Thoroughly provide a distribution mechanism of data. Promised not to collect or keep any data from providers.
EverySense is devoted to the distribution of metadata (data abstraction).
Abstract the provided data, and then transfer them to the data user. In addition, the data providers’ information will not be disclosed to data users.
EverySense is devoted to the mediation of data.
Provide intermediary function for exchanging data. Determination of data’s value and price would not be processed.