Accelerate gathering information

New value will be created from EverySense
A new industrial structure will be born

Consumer behaviors data and environmental data are able to be collected.

EverySense provides a platform to mediate the sensor data. Data required by the product planning and research and development
is easily available conditionally.

If the order is thrown to an EverySense user, it is possible to provide the available accepted data in real time. Personal information is also available without having to worry about. The provided sensing data can be collected from EverySense registered devices without purchase or configuration, thus the accuracy of the company's prediction expectation and the strategic planning will be increased.

For example, temperature and humidity, or the behavior of women in their 20s who live in the city center
Is the perfect system for anyone who thinks it difficult to establish a system for collecting the short-term data.

Collectable sensing data

Environmental data
Temperature Humidity Barometric Pressure
Wind Speed Wind Direction Radiation Level
Health Data
Height Weight
Blood Pressure Heart Rate
Biological Information
Speed Direction
Moving Distance
Other Information
Power Consumption

Our service will help in such situations

If something “wearable” that can easily collect biological information and lifestyle information without any burden on the users is what you wanted.

In addition to your holding data, the possibility of providing a new service could widely spread by adding on the real-time sensing data of EverySense.

The data requested by companies, such as Research and development, preventive medicine, professional sports, and point of view of municipal services can be obtained with our service.

Help create the necessary economy when necessary. <br class="br_pc">Control traffic information.

EverySense Service Image

Register the conditions of requested data
You can download data transmitted from a user who participated in registered conditions. Point is needed while creating new conditions for requested data.


EverySense Policy

Anonymity、Personal Information Protection
The publication of the provided data along with the provider’s personal information should be deliberated and decided by the data provider.

Data Ownership
Data ownership is on the precondition of that the data belongs to the provider. Therefore, scope and conditions of usage accuracy and frequency of the provided data should be controlled and configured freely by the data provider.

Value of Data
For making data exchange in a fair way, the value and price of the data should be decided between providers and buyers.

EverySense Declaration

EverySense is devoted to data streaming.
Thoroughly provide a distribution mechanism of data. Promised not to collect or keep any data from providers.
EverySense is devoted to the distribution of metadata (data abstraction).
Abstract the provided data, and then transfer them to the data user. In addition, the data providers’ information will not be disclosed to data users.
EverySense is devoted to the mediation of data.
Provide intermediary function for exchanging data. Determination of data’s value and price would not be processed.