Accelerate gathering information

New value will be created from EverySense

Bring more people the devices developed by you

If one device is connected to EverySense, then the people around the world
would probably become happier than ever.

The service will help in such situations

It is likely to happen in the situation of changing the design for differentiating ourselves from others in order to win the market competition. However, the cost and developing time make this situation much more troublesome.

If a second-development device using the SDK and API of EverySense turns into an EverySense compatible devices, buyers will also be motivated to purchase this new device cognitively.

For example, in your research organizations, the real-time data is used for being studied in a timely manner, it might be treated as a solution which meets the status quo.

New solution would come to this world if comparing the data from different sensors. Give it a try on analyzing data collected in the outdoors. It may strike you with new business ideas.

Service image of EverySense

Login with your sensor device in hand
Once your product is authenticated from EverySense, you’ll be able to put a logo on the product.

EverySense のサービスイメージ

EverySense Policy

Anonymity、Personal Information Protection
The publication of the provided data along with the provider’s personal information should be deliberated and decided by the data provider.

Data Ownership
Data ownership is on the precondition of that the data belongs to the provider. Therefore, scope and conditions of usage accuracy and frequency of the provided data should be controlled and configured freely by the data provider.

Value of Data
For making data exchange in a fair way, the value and price of the data should be decided between providers and buyers.

EverySense Declaration

EverySense is devoted to data streaming.
Thoroughly provide a distribution mechanism of data. Promised not to collect or keep any data from providers.
EverySense is devoted to the distribution of metadata (data abstraction).
Abstract the provided data, and then transfer them to the data user. In addition, the data providers’ information will not be disclosed to data users.
EverySense is devoted to the mediation of data.
Provide intermediary function for exchanging data. Determination of data’s value and price would not be processed.